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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Computer

Blue Screen of Death Error

Windows operating systems are prone to blue screen of death errors. It is possible to be surprised at the sudden blue screen that appears on your computer’s monitor. This happens even though everything was running smoothly. The problem can also occur after multiple reboots. The blue screen also has error codes and text. It may not be apparent due to instantaneous flipping.

The basic solution is to restart your computer, then press the F8 key. To stop the Blue Screen of Death Error from appearing on your monitor, select “prevent auto restart upon the error” from the list. You can now read the error and find the solution at the Microsoft help-and-support center. It is often difficult to determine the exact error type, regardless of whether it is software or hardware. If it doesn’t work, follow these steps.

If that fails, you can always try restoring your system using the backup CD you’ve already created. It is important to have a backup of all your data. This will make it easier to recover any information that has been lost.

System restore is the best way to troubleshoot the blue screen of death error

You can repair your system to fix the blue screen of death error. You will need to open the command prompt when you boot up, as GUI isn’t working. Follow the below steps to do this.

  • Reboot, and then press the F8 button.
  • Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode or Command prompt.
  • You will now need to log in as an administrator.
  • At the command prompt type ‘%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exes and press enter.
  • Follow the screen instructions to recover the system.

You might have gotten the command prompt window closed, along with the blue screen warning. You might need to test your memory for possible errors in such situations. You can download the bootable ISO file memtest86 to check your memory and create a bootable disc. You can now boot from it. It will automatically start the memory test and fix any memory problems in your RAM.

A double RAM stick could also cause the memory test failure. To fix memory errors, remove one RAM stick and then boot the memory test CD again. If the problem persists, you can try another RAM stick. This will tell you which RAM stick is corrupt.

You can uninstall recently installed programs

Uninstalling malicious software can also help to troubleshoot blue screen death errors. Sometimes, even though you are trusting the software, it can contain malware or viruses. These programs can also cause blue screen of death errors and damage our computers. To fix the blue screen error, you might want to uninstall any recently installed software.

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