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How to Fix My Routers and Extenders

routers and extenders

Steps to Fix my Router and Extender

To fix a router or an extender issue firstly we need to check if all cables and wires are connected properly to the power socket and the modem.

Check if the network lights are blinking or stable.

Restart your Router or the extender and the modem, allowing them to sync and reboot.

Reset the Router.

See if your other devices connected to the Wi-fi network are working properly.

The network connection should be stable and there is no outage.

Remove any physical obstacle that could obstruct the signal coverage.

Connect with your Inter-Service Provider to confirm if services are working fine or not.

Routers and Extenders are generally plug-and-play devices, connect your router with either net cable to the modem.

And see if the services are working fine.

If still unable to use your router, get the hardware checked.

Good router hardware, that is well maintained can increase the efficiency of the flow of data into your network.

The routers and extenders once connected give additional coverage and range to your existing Wi-fi network.

They can be connected parallelly for more signal strength or serially to increase the network coverage area.

It also has inbuilt protection against malicious software and settings can be made for child access protection and data access.

If it’s new routers and extenders, good companies like Netgear, D-link, or Cisco generally come with a replacement warranty.

For replacement, please take the original bills and invoice of your purchase to the vendor the product was purchased from.

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