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How To Fix My Windows 10 Laptop Taking Too Much Time To Start

If you have been using your Windows 10 PC / LAPTOP for a long time without any regular maintenance work being done on your system chances are that this is the reason why your PC / LAPTOP is taking longer than usual to start up.
During the course of your usage of your windows 10 PC / LAPTOP, the system collects a lot of junk files in the temporary files folder, plus the recycle bin. These files can affect the speed of the system as these junk files can be affecting the system files of the computer. Regular maintenance or clean-up of these files is necessary as these can affect the startup of the system. These files can be stored tracking cookies or trojans and viruses on the system which get automatically initiated every time the PC / LAPTOP is started and can have an adverse effect on your system. These unwanted files when initiated can lead to your Windows 10 PC / LAPTOP system’s startup and eventually once it exceeds a certain level can lead to also crashing the Fix My Windows 10/ LAPTOP, hence regular clean-up of these files or deleting these files become all the more necessary.
Another reason for the Windows 10 PC / LAPTOP slowing down is too many startup files or program files getting initiated at the time of startup. This can be checked by regularly going into the task manager of your Windows 10 system (right click on the toolbar and select the task manager option and in that select startup option) this will show all the programs initiated during start-up right click on the unwanted programs and disable them, be careful to only disable the programs you are aware of or ask the advice of a professional while doing so as some essential system files can also get disabled.
Regular maintenance of your system is as much necessary as servicing your car regularly which keeps your car running longer and safer, it not only increases the life of the Windows 10 system it also improves the performance and the system is capable of running for longer periods.
This regular clean-up and maintenance not only keeps the system running but keeps your precious data safe and protected from any type of cyber-attacks. It takes a little bit of common sense and some safety precautions, as we know your data can be very personal and this information getting into the wrong hands can cause a lot of stress.

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