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How to Protect Myself From the Facebook Scam.

Facebook Scam

Facebook Scam is One of the newest and most popular scams going on nowadays is on Facebook.

Facebook Scam In this scam, the scammers take your personal information from Facebook and familiarize themselves with your Id.

Hack personal IDs on Facebook and send messages from them.

Armed with your personal information they act as if they are from a reputed organization or Facebook itself.

 They show some kind of error or the fact that the system is compromised and needs access to your system to rectify it.

They charge you heavy fees to rectify the issue or compromise your system.

How to identify a Facebook scam:

  • They are generally related to products or services for which they charge in advance.
  • Selling lucrative expensive items at a very low price.
  • The money needs to be transferred via a wire transfer.
  • Unverified links of big organizations or famous people
  • Initially getting you on Facebook then continuing on a less secure chat or e-mail.
  • Unknown people asking for access to your system.
  • People claiming to be Facebook representatives.
  • Asking for donations from unknown people.
  • Taking advance for services or products on unknown links.
  • Very low prices for products or services which are available in the market at a higher price.

Precautions to take to avoid these Facebook scams:

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links which appear on Facebook.
  • Do not share your personal information with strangers.
  • Not to give access to your system to unknown people.
  • Never share your credit card details or banking details on suspicious links.
  • Don’t accept requests from unknown people.
  • Verify the Id before accepting any requests.
  • Avoid making any payments to links or requests if you have the slightest of doubts.
  • Be alert and cautious while browsing.

As we use these social media platforms more and more these Facebook scams are happening more often.

We need to be more alert on what we do on Facebook or for that matter any social media platforms.

It takes some precautions and common sense to be protected from these scams as these can cause a lot of harm.

We have a lot of personal information stored on these platforms which the scammers can use to their advantage of gullible users.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and share your personal information or system access with only trusted sources.

As our dependency on social media platforms like Facebook grows with people using it to run their business and personal affairs, scammers are always on the lookout to trap gullible users.

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